Thanks Brexit; Refuge for US Treasury

Tensions went flying on Wall Street when news hit that Britain was exiting the EU (European Union). Overall, panic was the feeling of the moment. The uncertainty of the Wall Street financiers of the future caused lots of volatility throughout the global markets. However, can it be that Brexit after all will be beneficial for us?


Post Brexit, a direct affect caused the British pound to fall to a 31-year low against the dollar. The U.K. investors remained weak and uncertain, and began pulling their money out of the U.K. and EU currency and placing it in dollars, driving up the value of the greenback.  Americans should note, right now is one of the best times to make travel plans to the U.K. due to the weak pound and the strong dollar, maximizing one’s money to spend.


However, if one doesn’t have travel plans and doesn’t participate in foreign currency investing, how can this be beneficial? more

The Downfall of the Oil Market

During times of commodity trading, the world tends to pay very close attention to crude oil prices. The price of oil is so important because its price affects the economic ecosystem on so many different levels. When researching crude oil, one will first uncover the true sensitivity oil prices have. Oil pricing is volatile due to government policy changes, fluctuations in the global markets, and fast reactions to news cycles. When listening to basic talks over our economy’s current position, one will hear the price of oil being mentioned. For decades, the price of oil has served as a benchmark to describe the world’s economic state.


To better understand the oil market, one should look at the supply and demand factors. When looking at oil supply, it is almost impossible not to stumble over more

Business alerts on practically every news station incorporate the unemployment rate in the US. One might wonder why this is. To an extent, this is because it gives the country a clear picture of how strong the country’s ecosystem is working. Currently, the unemployment rate is at 5%. Let us take a deeper look at what this rate really means to the country.


To be clear, when the unemployment percent rate is being quoted, one cannot forget the true calculations that go into that number. There are currently 308.9 million people in America and of that, roughly 285 million people are over sixteen years of age and counted in the equation of eligible workers. However, there is a subset of this as well. Of the amount of people that are sixteen years and older, not all are necessarily employable or looking for work, going to school, retirement, army service, etc. Therefore, the government more


The Misleading Unemployment Rate

When researching and analyzing the United States’ inflation rate, one will come across the Consumer Price Index, also known as the CPI. The CPI is considered to be the benchmark guide for inflation in the United States economy. The CPI is a statistical estimate, which uses a method with a ‘basket of goods’ approach that aims to compare a consistent base of the value of products from year to year. These items are what we call ‘sample of representative’ items, similarly by statistics.


There are four steps to calculating the CPI.  The first step is to select a base year for the consumer price index. The PCI (per capita income) of the base year is always set to 100. Moving onto step two, we elect a basket of goods and add the prices of all the goods in your base year. For instance, if you choose 2011 as your base year and choose a gallon of milk, a sandwich and a haircut as your basket of goods, add the prices of these three goods in the year more

Future Inflation Rate?

Such High Returns, "How?"

Taking a holistic look at what hedge funds return, we stumble over Bridgewater Associates.


Bridgewater Associates, a large hedge fund that was founded by Ray Dalio that specializes in credit and currency markets on a global scale and has reported numbers as high as $130 billion AUM.  They are building a new state of the art headquarters in Stamford Conneticut that will cost in the $700 million dollar range and accommodate more than 2,000 employees, nearly double the amount of current employees in the firm. Dalio, a tall, gaunt 64-year old man with a swoop of grey hair, has a foundation that gives money to a wide array of organizations including the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU, the Dalio Talent Identification Fund and Tech for America.


There have been years such as 2010 where Bridgewater returned as much as 40%. To place that in perspective, 2010 was a time when most funds were losing their shirts. That performance adds to an impressive winning ​more 


Credit Cards vs. Cash

Whether it's getting your groceries, paying your utility bills, or eating out, you've got to be able to pay for your activities. How you pay is up to you-usually. Credit cards and cash both have their pros and cons, and whichever is best for you might be very different than what's best for your spouse or best friend.


Personal finance is a subject that’s rarely spoken publicly about due to personal differences and its uncomfortable nature. To me, personal finance and personal credit cards are synonymous. After all, throughout the globe, there are more purchasing transactions done via credit cards than any other form.  


When delving into credit cards, there are obviously pros and cons to owning and constantly using them. Personally, I am a disbeliever in credit more


Finding  Your  World

When you’re ready to start in the work field I believe it’s essential for you to sit down and give yourself a SWOT analysis, so you can know whom you are currently and see where you could possibly improve. Try to turn the weaknesses and threats into the strengths and opportunities. Continue your personal analysis by giving yourself another SWOT analysis two years later to see how far down your expedition you have gone and if you’ve improved (I don’t understand why corporations don’t make this obligatory, instead they just hire industrial psychologist. Go figure).

Now let’s turn to a corporate scale rather than personal. When starting a startup (or even an established firm), it’s in my belief that the most common mistake is the lack of a basic competitive strategy, which is the same thing as a SWOT analysis, just on a corporate scale, which is essential for a solid model. Chief Economics Professor of Harvard more

Blame Internet for Unemployment

Coming from a macroeconomic standpoint, I ask myself what the internet has accomplished for our business world at large.  Has it navigated us to a better business world? I’d like to explain to you my notion on the internet, which is “the unemployment rate has increased over the passage of time due to the internet.”

Ever heard of middleman? That’s right, that is a word that your kids will be reading about in the history books. Let’s go back in time by about ten years. Ten years ago when you would buy a pearl necklace on 47th street in New York City you were supporting the income of about five to seven middleman. The jeweler on 47th street didn’t have a direct connection with the pearl farm in Asia, and therefore had to go through a chain of middleman. The initial link in the chain would have more

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